Mis/Disinformation in the Media Certificate

Engage top journalists, hear from leaders grappling with misinformation in their work, learn tools for improving you own media intake, and share your learnings with your community.

July 17 - August 31, 2021

Note: In order to receive a certificate you must meet all requirements by the specified date.


The East-West Center is pleased to offer its first professional certificate in Mis/disinformation in the Media. Building on the reputation, network, and rich offerings of the EWC Media Program, we will offer alumni and those new to the Center an opportunity to engage top journalists in this field, hear from leaders grappling with misinformation in their work, learn tools for improving their own media intake, and share the impact with their community.

The certificate is offered virtually with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, culminating in presentations and a final social media posting by participants. Speakers and facilitators are drawn from the EWC’s impressive network. The certificate is offered jointly by the EWC Leadership Program, Office of Alumni Engagement, and Media Program.

Requirement # 1

  • Attend the Misinformation in the Media Core Conversation at the EWC/EWCA International Alumni Conference, July 17th at 3:00-4:15 PM HST.

Requirement #2

  • Attend Mis/Disinformation Day during the EWC Leadership Program “Gen2” Summit, July 28th at 2:00-6:30 PM HST

Requirement #3

  • Watch at least 2 of the following EWC Seminars Live sessions on misinformation in the media from the YouTube playlist, and submit 3 takeaways from each to the EWC Misinformation in the Media Google form:

Requirement #4

  • Post to your online community (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) your takeaways and next actions by August 31, 2021.

  • Include the hashtag #EWCMisinformationCertificate.

Requirement #5

  • Present takeaways and next actions, integrating and explicitly referencing learnings from all of the above, at a virtual session with participants and staff on August 31st at 3:00-5:00 PM HST.


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